Dom  Ignatius Loyola 1491-1556 - St. Ignatius of Loyola is the principle Entity after whom the Casa of Dom Inacio is named. When the entity of Dom Inácio is present in a healing, many miracles happen. He works calmly for many hours, a testimony of his unlimited compassion, kindness and patience. “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.” - St. Ignatius of Loyola

Dr Augusto de Almeida is one of the most frequent Entities both at the Casa de Dom Inácio and the Spiritual Hospital. He is reported to have been in the military, a rubber tapper and a doctor in previous incarnations. When Dr Augusto is present, he is recognized for his strong personality and his somewhat authoritarian manner. He is known to be extremely kind and is deeply loved by all. “My phalange comprises not of ten, nor a hundred but thousands of Helping Spirits. I am the one who reaches to the very depths of the abyss to save a soul.” - Dr. Augusto de Almeida..

King Solomon has been referred to as the “wisest of all men”.  This is likely inspired by a biblical passage which describes a conversation between Solomon and God.  In this passage, God asked him what he desired as the newly appointed King of Israel.  King Solomon requested the gift of an understanding heart to which God responded “Because you have not requested riches and honor, but only that which would benefit all people, I will give you not only an understanding heart like none other before or after you… but also riches and honor like no other king in your days”.  It has been suggested that it is this compassionate and understanding heart that was responsible for over forty healings in the 1950’s when John of God first incorporated this great man.

The Prayer of Caritas

God!  Our Father, who is power and goodness, provide strength to those who experience pain and anguish. Give light to those who seek the truth! Fill the human heart with love and compassion!
God!  Give the traveler the star that guides, solace to those in pain, and rest to the sick and weary!
Father!  Give the guilty repentance, the spirit the truth! Give the children guidance and the orphans a father.
Lord!  Let your goodness encompass everything that You created!
Clemency, my God, to those who do not know You. Hope to those in pain. Let Your Will allow the consoling spirits to spread peace, hope and faith everywhere!
God!  May a single ray of light, a spark of Your Divine love blaze the Earth! Let us drink from the fountain of that infinite and fruitful goodness and all tears will be dried and all pain lessened. A single heart, a single thought will rise up to You, like a cry of gratitude and love!
Like Moses on the mountain, we await You with open arms. Oh Almighty! Oh Greatness! All Powerful, All Beauty! All Perfection! And we wish in some way to receive Your mercy.
God!  Give us the power to help progress that we may rise up to You; Give us pure charity, give us faith and reason, give us simplicity that will make our souls a mirror on which Your image should reflect!

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Dr Oswaldo Cruz 1872 - 1917. Medical doctor, founder of Medicina Experimental Brasileira, is credited for eradicating the yellow fever epidemic in Brazil. He is a direct and forthright in his interactions while at the same time extremely kind, and compassionate. He has the most beautiful eyes, which seemingly pour out unconditional love to all in his view – a very powerful and moving experience. He will often request that wristwatches be removed as it disturbs his current.

Dr. José Valdivino - There is a photograph in the surgery room of the Casa where one can see the Entity so fully incorporated that João’s physical body is almost completely replaced by Dr. José Valdivino. Very little is known about this Entity who when asked replied simply that he was a protector of families. During his healings he is extremely gentle, compassionate and loving. He possesses energy that is especially powerful for curing paraplegics. With a touch of his hand and a command for them to walk, or move the afflicted limb, many miraculous healings have been recorded.

The Entities of the Casa and Medium Pamela Sophia Rays

For our purposes we will define the word entity to one of the many benevolent and advanced spirits that work along with the crystal bed. Although we are all mediums in one way or another, Pamela works as "The Medium". This is opposed to "The entity" which is the way we refer to the spirit that is working on your body during the sessions at the Spiritual Hospital. 

Before, during and after your session Pamela receives information from the Entities concerning what went on, advice you need to hear or care you need to follow. 

It is not unusual for several Entities to show up during a single session, switching in and out without being noticeable. These are the ones that come more often