... "I just can't thank you enough for all you did at Sacred Grove this past week.  No doubt you helped many folks. My body is still re-calibrating and integrating the many frequencies I received. This work was so important for me at this time as it was the next step in my evolution...."

Feb 2017, Sacred Grove Retreat








The 1st Traveling Spiritual Hospital of its kind Anywhere in the Nation and ... the World!

 ... After a Crystal Light Healing Bed session, many have gone to the pictures on the website and pointed to the individual Healing Spirits to say he or she was there  ...

  • up to 40 minutes long
  • children or your pet lie down under the crystals (with you if necessary)
  • Children’s poems are read at the start and end of each session 
  • Music is played to assist the body to relax and receive the maximum effect.
  • Many recipients report wonderful results after just one session.

Children LOVE the Rainbow Lights & Music!!

... In the days and weeks after their session, several cancer patients have had news of tumors calcifying, reducing or disappearing ....

Can't come to the Bed? No problem! Let the entities come to you ... space, time and distance don't matter to them.

Children and Pets

... "the house became filled with a strong scent of roses throughout, though there was not a flower in the house. Everyone felt the presence and had a personal vision of Mother Mary and all cried with joy, feeling her unconditional love."

Sessions with Pamela Sophia Rays

•  252-213- 4713 •  Pamela Sophia Rays ~ Light Therapy Practitioner  • OneLightHarmony@windstream.net


The Crystal bed that Pamela Sophia Rays has saved my life. Working with the bed and Pamela, I addressed some "old issues" in my life. Because of that release and opening, my life took a different direction. I am now living in Hawaii and doing the work I was meant to do. I know I never would have done this if it weren't for Pamela. I am most impressed with her skills and knowledge. She is extremely fantastic and I would highly recommend visiting her.
( Hawaii, 2017)

... "It was great! I was wiped out afterwards for two days, but it was great. They did brain surgery and worked on my foot. I think things are still changing." ... (March, 2017 Winston Salem)

When you visit us, you are in a 'Spiritual Hospital' so we encourage our participants to be respectful to the Spiritual Doctors who are working with you. Treat your visit as a retreat. Spend the majority of your time in quiet solitude, meditation and prayer. 

White or light colors are recommended for your clothing. A light Soup will be offered after the healing so plan your time accordingly. 

​The spirit guides that work with the Crystal Bed go to the source of the issue and help you to come into alignment with your chakra system and the outer fields and once that alignment occurs, a person can notice improvement in their physical body. Some people have had an instant healing and for some it takes a period of time. Healing is a personal and transforming process which generally unfolds over a period of time. Your healing may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or all of these. Some people experience almost immediate results; others recover over time, and some may require multiple visits.