Travel Expenses: a flat rate of $150 for out of town residents in North Carolina (3hrs+). If you live in other states, a different rate will be calculated, depending on distance and travel expenses (flight, rental, hotel, etc) 

Hosting One Light Harmony meant a lot to us. Besides bringing the Crystal Light to Winston Salem it allowed us to receive all the healing benefits the Entities bring with it. 

Pamela and I worked in partnership and synchronicity. 

Running the Temple Work of The Crystal Light Bed

sessions at your space ......

One Light Harmony HOST

Please contact Pamela and tell her you are interested in hosting the bed

•  252-213- 4713 •  Pamela Sophia Rays ~ Light Therapy Practitioner  •

When Pamela Sophia Rays got the Crystal Bed from Casa Dom Inacio, she was told to go wherever the bed would asked her to and ... so she did. Soon she realized that she needed a Hosting Program to be able to travel the US and beyond. 

It is very simple to Host One Light Harmony at your place, retreat or office. Pamela travels with everything she needs and all you need to provide is the space for the Crystal Bed and a room for her to stay.

The host and Pamela work together to set up the One Harmony Light Spiritual Hospital as close as possible to the Mission of  The Casa de Dom Inacio. They designate a separate room for the Crystal Light Bed (CLB) with a massage table (Pamela brings hers if needed); a space for the current room and a room/kitchen to prepare and serve soup to each client after their session. A respectful and serene atmosphere is provided. 

Pamela and the host work together as a team for the benefit of others giving soup, grain  & water whatever is call to do ... Pamela brings the soup & grain, chips & Verdi chocolate. If the host doesn't have one, Pamela brings a Crock Pot and Rice Cooker. Host provides soup bowls and spoons, water and cups. Host serves soup as they come out from session while Pamela keeps with the flow of the people. 

Each day all linen used are washed and dried. Host provides washer and dryer and helps putting things in and out.  

Pamela and Host, both sign up sessions sending out email or text flyers, word of mouth, etc. Keeping each other up to date by text or email when they sign up folks for sessions. Pamela will arrive the evening before the first session and stay the evening after the last.

Host helps packing and unpacking when Pamela arrives and leaves.

Host receives 30% of each paying person. Host receives free sessions time under CLB each day

The energetic portal created by the Crystal Light Bed will bless and enlighten the property, and connect with the crystal energy of Mother Earth and the Christ Consciousness grid.

The wonderful physical and spiritual healing energies of the Spirit Doctors will help to open the heart to unconditional love.