The most successful consultations are partnerships between client and consultant. The clearer you are about what you would like to achieve from your consultation and the more involved you become, the more likely you are to enjoy successful results. When possible it can be helpful to involve other family or business members in the process. Remember: you are ultimately responsible for what happens in your home, your business and your life. The consultant is an expert adviser, but you are free to accept or disregard the advice as you see fit.

Pamela has been a Practitioner of the art of Feng Shui  for 25 years.

She is a Certified Graduate (Class of 2002 - Senior student of BTB Master Training Program) at MJE learning center in NYC. Pamela studied GEO Feng Shui and Geomancy at the School of Geo Feng Shui School with Great Teachers (established by Professor Lin Yun he brought the Art to the USA)

As a Feng Shui expert, Pamela is at once the Priestess and the Doctor of the environmentally ill. She holds the sacred and profound knowledge of the fates of man and earth. As a Priestess, she reads and interprets both visible and invisible signs and positive forces in the cosmos. These forces define man's place in the Universe.  As a Doctor, Pamela detects the Earth's pulse, determining where someone can live the most healthy, productive, prosperous and happy life, and where buildings will least disturb the earth's circulation.

Being receptive to the environment, Feng Shui  experts like Pamela, can analyze physical settings, such as mountains, trees, wind, water and star alignments. She gathers information from her surroundings, reading signs and fore-warnings in the breeze, leaf colors, moon rings, the smell of rain, insects and animal behavior, rock moisture and stars, waves, etc.

If there is something going on in your life that you wish to change, there is a corresponding environmental adjustment or a series of adjustments that can be made to bring about change. Health, career, relationships, financial issues, support with the kids — you name it — its all on the table of possibilities to improve. All of life circumstances fall under the Feng Shui umbrella of possibilities so there is no limit to what you can improve with the use of Feng Shui!

Feng Shui 

Pamela Sophia Rays

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When the Wind is Mild.
 ...The Sun is Bright.
 ...The Water is Clear.
 ...The  Trees are Lush.

Feng Shui  literally means 'Wind (Feng) "Water"(Shui) and is the name for an intuitive practice that seeks to bring people and their environment into the most positive relationship ... and then the Sky will have a new Light. It is another World

Distance and

In-person consultations

"For all the mysteries that surround it, Feng Shui  Geomancy evolves from simple observations and finds that people are affected for good or ill by their surroundings, the layout and orientation of their workplaces and homes. By observing the space and chi, appropriate adjustments can then be made in the environment for many different outcomes This is my life work. I love being of service in it all."

​Pamela Sophia Rays

Sessions with Pamela Sophia Rays

• Sell your house faster 

• Help to design your new construction floor plan

• Garden Lay Out

• Adjustment to favor pregnancy

• Check the Feng Shui of a prospective house to buy

• Check the Feng Shui of schools, towns, city, tribes.

• Graves sites, etc

How involved the assignment, determines the price.. Our prices start at $300 for homes and businesses $500.

Amid confusion~  Peace ~ a festive air Upon coming into its presence ones eyes are opened.. If one sits or lays, Ones Heart grows Joyful. Here the Chi gathers and the essence  collects Light shines in the Middle then Magic goes out to all sides.
Quote by Steven Post (teacher at MJE Feng shui school).

A non-refundable deposit will be needed to book an appointment. Typically $100 to $200 is charged up front with the remainder payable on the day.  

Feng Shui Cosmologist / Geomancer/ Teacher / Native American studies
Light Therapist for the Crystal Light Bed from Brazil (Casa de Dom Inacio)
Dharma Teacher/ Practitioner - Zen consultant

Member of the International Feng Shui Guild / Red Ribbon Professional

Zen Chi University Gold School Director


Once you have scheduled a Feng Shui consultation, Pamela will ask for blueprints or floor plans of the space. A fantastic Feng Shui consultant like her, won't just show up, but will start working well in advance of the consultation. Blueprints can be a way for Pamela to get a feel for the space and start making recommendations, and a thorough conversation with the homeowners gives her an idea of what changes will help meet the most important needs. Ideally, a Feng Shui  consultation includes Pamela coming to the home for a minimum of two hours, or even more for a larger house, because it is the best way to get a feel for the energy, balance and yin and yang of the space. Nevertheless, Energy is not limited by time or space and a distant consultation has proven to get very good results.