There are more than 30 benevolent beings that are eager to work with you, regardless of where you are. Your own guides, angels and ancestors make themselves available through this crystalline portal of Lights 


Unable to travel to Brazil or to come to the Traveling Spiritual Hospital? The Crystal Beds are an extension of the healing work of the Spirit Doctors and thousands of Assistant Healing Spirits to all those who cannot travel to the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil for treatment. 

Distance sessions are just like an "in person" session. The energy is the same. The entities come to you.

1) E-mail Pamela at the email address below, a small recent photograph of yourself approx 7cm x 10cm (200px x 300px) in .jpg or .gif format. PLEASE try not to send large files, aim for about 150 KB. Do not wear sun glasses. It may be a head shot, or with head and torso, full body is not necessary. Please wear white or light colors
2) Write the Name, [of person receiving healing'] and #PutMEunderLIGHTS" in the subject line of the email. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE SUBJECT LINE. 
3) In the body of the email message, include your:

  • Full name
  • Current mailing address, if not your home address please include your home address also.
  • Date of birth (spell the name of the month, please)
  • The concern you want told to the Entities.

You may write anything you like, keeping it simple and as many things as you would like help with. Be clear. Medium Pamela will help you understand the messages from the entities and relates what went on during your session.

​​​4) Please include your payment

Sessions with Pamela Sophia Rays


Pamela will use the Crystal Light bed and place your photo under. She reads prayers and music from the Casa is played . We talk on phone before & after your sessions. You are under bed for 1:15 min .

•  252-213- 4713 •  Pamela Sophia Rays ~ Light Therapy Practitioner  •